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ENAV has been a leader in Air Traffic Control for 40 years, together with its fellow Group companies IDS AirNav, Techno Sky and D-flight. We guarantee the safety and efficiency of air navigation services thanks to our constantly evolving cutting-edge technology while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Operational know-how and technological excellence are our strengths, making us a reliable partner and achieving high levels of efficiency and quality, as demonstrated by the more than 100 customers around the world who have chosen to work with us.



We support you … to Improve Your Business … rethinking the present to manage the future

We offer a wide range of consulting services to aeronautical or non-aeronautical organizations, institutions and businesses to reinforce their confidence to take the most effective decisions, driven by reliable data, based on proven analyses and predictive simulations, always customer-oriented, sustainable and even more environmental-friendly.   ...Read more

The added value we make available to our customers is generated by the experience we have acquired as an Air Navigation Service Provider, ensuring safer air traffic management, compliant with the applicable regulations and requirements, achieving and improving our performance, minimizing risks and the impact on the environment through the continuous sustainable evolution of our business, helping our partners and customers to rethink the present to manage the future.

Whenever you must take a decision or your investments and development plans need appropriate evaluation and validation, we support and give you confidence in your decision making. We can provide you with a range of options and enhanced solutions to improve your business and ensure it complies with relevant regulations, policies and targets. Our experts will deliver actionable insight to develop and reinforce your customers’ business.

consultancy for change management

Supporting innovation of complex systems, measuring the expected performance levels

flight inspection and validation​

Verifying and validating Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems


Selecting and training aviation professionals

aeronautical information

Managing the aeronautical information service

engineering & maintenance

Designing, building and managing technological infrastructures and aeronautical systems


Providing weather forecasts and climatological support for systems/plants

airspace and flight procedures design​

Designing airspace structures and instrumental flight procedures

safety assessment & risk management​

Providing safety assessment support for ATM/ANS system changes

obstacle & electromagnetic interferences evaluations​

Evaluating works/infrastructures which may have impact on aviation


The ENAV Group provides technologically advanced solutions to meet the needs of air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airport authorities, aeronautical agencies, and government and private entities that manage both civil and military air traffic, worldwide. We are committed to meeting the needs of all our national and international customers with innovative customised solutions and services so that their infrastructure can evolve to meet future challenges. 

Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)

Scalable solution to enhance safety and gate-to-gate traffic flow efficiency

Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Meteo (MET)

Wide range of integrated, scalable and interoperable Air Traffic Solutions

Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)

Multidisciplinary SW products and Integrated Systems based on cutting edge technology

Digital Aeronautical Information Management (D-AIM)

Innovative solutions to safely manage Digital Aeronautical Information

Flight Procedure Design & Validation

Integrated system to safely perform Airspace design and ground validation activites

Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM)

Innovative systems for the management of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles



Airport Management companies and Airlines

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Civil & Military Air Navigation Service Providers

Military and Civil Agencies providing air navigation services for air traffic

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System Integrators, Navaid Manufacturers, ATM system providers

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Civil Aviation Agencies and Authorities

Civil Aviation Autorities and regulatory bodies

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Research and Development

Universities, International research institutions

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