safety assessment & risk management​

Based on the experience of a multidisciplinary team made up of operational staff (ATM / ANS) and engineers, with a background experience gained in the context of lot of national and international projects, ENAV is able to offer a comprehensive support to safety assessment activities (safety support assessment included), related to any kind of change implying an impact on the ATM / ANS system, ranging from the design and implementation of new flight procedures, new ATM/ANS equipment, up to the complete airspace reorganization.

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The scope of the Safety activities is to ensure the maintenance of an acceptable level of Safety, following the introduction of changes to the current operational environment and service provision, or specific safety related issues. Our support includes: Assumption/Environmental Condition identification; Hazard identification and analysis, with related causes, effects and mitigation methods; Risk evaluation, in terms of allocation of severity and probability of occurrence of the effects; Safety Criteria identification; Safety Requirement identification; identification of safety evidences to be collected and definition of monitoring criteria in order to define and evaluate performance target, risk controls and the level of safety risk, demonstrating the satisfaction of the "safety criteria". 

Furthermore, in light of monitoring activities, ENAV provides support for the identification of possible areas for improvement.

ENAV exploited the know-how of its Safety experts by successfully participating in several international R&D projects (including ones promoted by the SESAR Joint Undertaking such as RACOON, Free-Solutions, Multiple R-TWR, Data Virtual Center, Delegation of ATM Services) and in EC-funded projects (including DARWIN and ACCEPTA under the Horizon2020 frameworks).



Safety assessment & risk management​

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