ENAV Carbon Neutral

Flying towards a sustainable future

The ENAV Group, aware of its role in relation to the Country System, has long been committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities and considers the protection of the planet an indispensable objective.

The ENAV Group, by virtue of the strategy adopted downstream of the approval of climate targets by Science Based Targets initiative, at the end of 2022 has managed to reduce its direct and indirect (Scope 1 and 2) climate-changing emissions by more than 80% compared to 2019. The purchase of carbon credits for the portion of emissions that cannot yet be reduced (about 20 percent) has enabled it to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

The reduction in emissions is the result of several initiatives implemented over the past few years: 

  • purchase of electricity from renewable sources certified by Guarantee of Origin (GO);
  • interventions aimed at the energy efficiency of ENAV Group's assets;
  • progressive increase in the share of self-generated energy from renewable sources;
  • replacement of the company car fleet with electric/hybrid/plug-in vehicles;
  • development of energy research and innovation projects.
2020  2021  2022 Obiettivo 2022
Emissions CO₂ ENAV Group
Market based
38.816,33 tCO₂e 34.601,18 tCO₂e

28.672,54 tCO₂e

7.304,92 tCO₂e

ENAV Carbon Neutral*
*ENAV achieved Carbon Neutrality through the reduction of its own emissions and compensation of non-reducible emissions through the purchase of carbon credits or rather financing environmental protection projects.
logo SBTi  

The ENAV Group has obtained the validation of its reduction targets from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the initiative born from a partnership between CDP (former Carbon Disclosure Project), Global Compact of the United Nations, WRI (World Resources Institute) and WWF in order to guide the private sector to act for the climate through science-based emission reduction targets. 

“ENAV Group commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 70% by 2030 from a 2019 base year. ENAV Group commits to reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from capital goods, fuel-and-energy-related activities, and employee commuting 13.5% by 2030 from a 2019 base year”

ENAV is the first Italian company in the air transport sector, as well as the first Air Navigation Service Provider in the world to have reached this important goal.

Scope 1-2 (baseline)
2020  2021  2022  2030Target SBTi
Emissions CO₂ ENAV Group
Market based
38.816,33 tCO₂e 34.601,18 tCO₂e

28.672,54 tCO₂e

7.304,92 tCO₂e


Scope 3 (baseline)
2020  2021  2022 2030Target SBTi
Emissions CO₂ ENAV Scope
3 target SBTi
44.484 tCO₂e 40.574,58  tCO₂e

41.257,11 tCO₂e

40.511,76 tCO₂e

Reduce emissions by  



Furthermore, in order to guide the management of all environmental issues, a new Environmental Policy was issued in September 2020. The Policy confirms the guidelines, commitments and targets already indicated in the first issue of the Policy of March 2019, which the ENAV Group has not only for the purpose of enhancing its legislative compliance, but also to improve environmental performance and pursue the principle of sustainable development.