consultancy for change management

The experience gained in our core business and in consulting for ANSPs, CAAs, airport operators around the world enables us to go beyond operations, considering technology development, enhanced training and optimization of maintenance aspects to support our customers in adapting to future changes, tracking customer needs and expected variations in demand. The experience gained will be used to serve our customers to improve safety and increase efficiency.

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We can provide a multidisciplinary team of experts (certified project managers, CNS technicians and engineers, ATCOs, FISOs, AIM and MET personnel, safety/security/quality experts, airspace and IFP designers, fast and real time simulation experts, pilots, operational and technical trainers, human factor and strategy experts) and our vast experience gained in service provision, R&D exercises (we have worked in SESAR, INEA and Horizon2020 frameworks) and commercial projects delivered at the national and international levels, as per ICAO, EU and CAAs rule making process to support or assess temporary or permanent operational environments changes (i.e., airport master plan, transition to PBN network, en-route/terminal airspace reorganization, flexible use of airspace implementation/management, CNS and technical infrastructure modernization, optimal ANS provision configuration, etc.), also providing model based simulations for predictive (what-if) and post-operational (continuous service level improvement) measurement and performance level variation along the change.

We can emulate in a virtual environment your actual or expected scenario to feed analysis and provide pre-defined performance indicator trends (i.e. capacity, resilience, on-time performance, predictability, efficiency and, finally, customer experience), in order to give you reliable data to support decisions concerning the optimal balance between infrastructure, layout configuration, temporary constraints (during work) and contingency or congested scenarios in order to maintain or develop an efficient and cost-effective business model. 

To support our customers in the evolution of their business, assisting in the definition of long/medium/short-term plans to maximize efficiency in air traffic management and reduce their carbon footprint, developing the operational concept and renewing procedures.



Environmental Impact Analysis

Air transport, like all human activities, has an impact on the surrounding environment. The attention paid to these effects has grown considerably in the last decade, mainly with a view to intervening right from the design stage to ensure the sustainability of a business, reducing environmental impact as much as possible. The environmental impact analysis service offers a detailed understanding of environmental performance. This service can be performed on a stand-alone basis or in the context of broader consulting projects to validate the proposed design.

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Simulation and Performance Measurement

Our Airport & Airspace performance assessment service is focused on evaluating, for specific key performance areas, the pros and cons of new scenarios (i.e., airport layouts, airspace structures, operational procedures or any other element of the ATM system). The service can be performed on a stand-alone basis or as part of broader consulting projects to validate a proposed design. 

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Integrated Development Plan Evaluation

The MasterPlanning service addresses the preparation of airspace and/or airport development plans with the objective of presenting a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives. Depending on the specific context, a master plan will cover

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