obstacle & electromagnetic interferences evaluations​

Consulting and aeronautical study often reveals issues that need to be addressed (i.e., aviation specific regulations, operational and safety standards/requirements, interference with ATS/CNS/MET equipment or route network and IFPs, etc.) and may significantly impact a project, causing unexpected limitations to the project, including delay, suspension or variation of the workplan. We can support our customer in seeking permanent or temporary permission to place structures (i.e., buildings, power lines, antennae, transmission equipment, solar panels, wind turbines, cranes, scaffolding, etc.) that may present a risk to aviation as an obstacle or potentially produce interference with aeronautical systems (communications, navigation, meteorological or surveillance systems). Requests can be submitted for preliminary opinions and/or for studies that may be mandatory or useful to support our customer in the authorization process of the competent authorities. 

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To support our customer in compliance with applicable requirements for structures located in the immediate vicinity of airports or in areas where it is not possible to exclude risks for aviation activities, including the Air Navigation Services (all land use proposals near airports and air navigation infrastructure before construction begins to ensure that safety and efficiency are not compromised).

With our experience in obstacle survey, assessment of relevant requirements/regulatory compliance (surface obstacle verification), ECM interference assessment (i.e., BRA), when starting to conceptualize or plan a project, well in advance of the scheduled start of work on the airside and/or close to airports, we can support our customer in taking due account of any potential and credible impact on air operations (i.e. demonstrate that structures are compliant with the aerodrome surface defined in the ICAO PANS-OPS surfaces and ICAO Annexes 4, 11 and 14, that they are not an obstacle to the air traffic controllers’ view of arriving and departing aircraft, that they do not represent a source of interference with communication, navigation, meteorological and/or surveillance systems use by the ANSP involved, etc.).

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Wind farm and solar-panel evaluations

With our advanced modelling tools and software, we can support our customer in applications to install wind farms and solar plants, which contribute to environmentally friendly energy programmes.

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Electro-Magnetic Compatibility

Electro-magnetic compatibility studies support customers in identifying and evaluating all the aspects needed to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of a new development project and the implementation of a future operational scenario in the aeronautical field. The impact evaluation is mainly based on the use of simulation systems and permits analysis of visibility; analysis of radioelectric coverage of a single station or an entire network; analysis of radioelectric performance in accordance with the specific device and in compliance with applicable ICAO requirements; and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) analysis. Thanks to the advanced dedicated IT equipment, the output can be provided in document format (Word/PDF) or digital format (KMZ) as maps viewable in Google Earth. Our activity simulates radioelectric performance and operational parameters of radio navigation aids, telecommunications, and radar devices. 

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Topographic Survey

Acquisition of geo-topographic data of the significant aerodrome points (THR, RWY END, STAND, holding position, RWY profiles, etc.) and acquisition of geodetic and topographic data of significant obstacles, airport infrastructure and terrain. 

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