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In addition to managing air traffic, we are also involved in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of all air navigation hardware and software systems

We develop new technologies. We provide consulting services to over 100 customers around the world. We are involved in the creation of U-Space, the airspace for drones, providing services dedicated to users of remotely piloted aircraft. We are partners with the world’s leading companies in the development of satellite services.


Techno Sky is the Group company responsible for managing and maintaining the entire range of hardware/software platforms and systems used to deliver air navigation services. With its 800 employees, the company handles the technical/operational management of:


Area Control Centres (ACC) at Brindisi, Milan, Padua and Rome




radar systems


telecommunications centres


weather systems


navigational aid systems

The results it has achieved are the product of over 40 years of specific experience in the sector. As an integrator of ENAV’s mission critical systems, Techno Sky is involved along the entire value chain: research and development, systems engineering, design, software development, development of weather systems, installation, integration and maintenance of measurement instruments, spare parts management and repairs.

New business solutions

IDS AirNav is a global leader in aeronautical information management systems. With its 150 employees, the company develops state-of-the-art software solutions for air traffic management currently adopted by around 100 customers worldwide, including air navigation service providers, airport authorities, aviation agencies, as well as public and private entities managing civilian and military air traffic.

Thanks to the acquisition of IDS AirNav in July 2019, the ENAV Group has also become an extremely competitive player in the non-regulated sector of air traffic management services and technologies.


ENAV Asia Pacific is a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur that provides air traffic control consulting services. The permanent presence of the company in the region is a factor that makes ENAV a reliable partner for all local companies, organisations and institutions.


D-Flight - a company in which ENAV holds 60%, with the remaining 40% held by an industrial partnership headed by Leonardo - is involved implementing a specific management system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as “drones”, and developing methods for delivering services through a platform designed to ensure the safe handling of remotely piloted aircraft.

D-Flight is Italian industry’s response to the challenge launched by the European Union. The U-space platform developed by D-Flight will enable the integration of multiple technologies for the safe handling of remotely piloted aircraft in civil airspace.

Satellite systems

Aireon was formed to develop the world’s first global satellite surveillance system for air traffic control. ENAV - through its subsidiary ENAV North Atlantic - holds 11% of the company.

Using 75 satellites that make up the new Iridium Next constellation, Aireon provides an aviation surveillance system with global coverage. ENAV is a partner in the project along with the air navigation service providers NAV CANADA, NATS, IAA and Naviair and the satellite communications company Iridium.


ESSP is an ENAV associate (16.7% stake) that provides the EGNOS satellite navigation service. The other shareholders of ESSP along with ENAV are six other major European air navigation service providers: DFS (Germany), DGAC-DSNA (France), ENAIRE (Spain), NATS (United Kingdom), NAV-Portugal (Portugal) and Skyguide (Switzerland).