governance model

ENAV adopts a traditional governance model which, without prejudice to the powers reserved to the Shareholders' Meeting pursuant to the law and the Articles of Association, grants responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the Company to the Board of Directors and the oversight function to the Board of Auditors

The Shareholders' Meeting is charged with taking the most important decisions in the life of the Company, including the appointment of the corporate bodies - the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors - the approval of the financial statements and resolutions regarding the distribution of dividends.

The management of the Company is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, which carries out the operations necessary for the implementation of the corporate purpose. The Board of Directors has delegated part of its management responsibilities to the Chief Executive Officer and has appointed three Board committees to provide recommendations and advice.

The roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are separate and both are responsible for representing the Company.

The Board of Statutory Auditors is charged with monitoring, among other things, compliance with the law and the Articles of Association and compliance with the principles of sound administration.

The statutory audit is entrusted to an audit firm, and the financial management of the Company is subject to the oversight of the Court of Auditors, as required by Law no. 259 of 21 March 1958.