shareholders’ meeting

The key occasion in the relationship between Company management and shareholders

The Shareholders' Meeting resolves in the manner and on the issues provided for by law and the Articles of Association, meeting in ordinary and extraordinary session. In particular, the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting has the power to appoint and remove directors, statutory auditors and the audit firm and determine their remuneration, and approves the financial statements. It also has a binding vote on the Company’s remuneration policy and an advisory vote on remuneration. The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting approves amendments to the Articles of Association and major corporate transactions, such as capital increases, mergers and demergers.

The Articles of Association provide for a single call for both ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders' Meetings. The right to attend the Shareholders' Meeting is governed by law, the Articles of Association, the Shareholders' Meeting Regulations and the provisions contained in the notice calling the meeting.