growth and development

The ENAV Group offers opportunities for growth and career development plan of its people along their working life path


New hires enter an induction programme that enables them accelerate the process of getting to know the company through meetings with the company's top management, an individual and/or group coaching and knowledge of the core business through experience with immersive simulators that allows them to experience the job of air traffic controller.


The e-learning platform enables you to meet mandatory training requirements (occupational safety, Legislative Decree 231, GDPR) and to acquire specific knowledge in our field, such as airport security and information security. We have also “e-learning pills” devoted to the development of soft skills: the use is free, since each of us is responsible for our own personal improvements.


A cycle of webinars open to all Group staff enables you to learn about the main processes of the organisation and the innovations introduced by the various organizational units. The initiative is always being enriched with new contents to increase our wealth of knowledge.


We provide our people with learning opportunities that everyone can access freely in accordance with their needs and roles: access to the Coursera platform, cooperation with Human Resources Community (HRC) and an agreement with LUISS Guido Carli University are some of the opportunities that can be seized for your personal development.


We support people in dealing with digital transformation through a Digital Skill Assessment and training courses dedicated to bridging any gap in digital skills.


Many of the daily duties of many jobs require project management skills, from the coordination of a commercial order to the construction of a control tower. For this reason, we offer training on project management issues: from introductory courses to Project Management Institute certification, which gives you a prestigious and internationally recognized certification.


The personnel performance assessment process enhances our people's growth process. Cyclically, performance management assessment is used to identify development opportunities, ranging from rewarding to training and development activities such as individual coaching.


Job rotation actions gives people the opportunity to test themselves in new roles, while assessment processes are used to identify people with high growth potential, making it possible to offer them appropriate development and career paths.


Taking a position of responsibility requires consolidating leadership skills and sharing the organization's values and objectives. For this reason, newly appointed mid-level managers undergo experiential training and individual coaching with the aim of developing an effective leadership style.


Training must provide the tools to deal with organisational and individual change. With this objective we have created courses dedicated to developing the skills necessary to face the “new normal”. In order to support people at times of change in their role or in especially challenging circumstances, a coaching service also is available with both internal and external coaches.

    Hours Pax
Language classroom   1,348 62
Language e-learning   2,256 126
Total   3,604 188
    Hours Pax
Managerial & Specialist (classroom)   7,057 1,390
Managerial & Specialist (e-learning)   4,016 650
Total   11,073 2,040
    Hours Pax
Mandatory training classroom   - -
Mandatory training e-learning   16,364 3,763
Total   16,364 3,763