transactions with related parties

The Company approves transactions with related parties in compliance with the provisions of applicable law and regulations, its Articles of Association and the procedures adopted in this area

Related Parties Transactions

The Procedure disciplining transactions with related parties was last approved by the Board of Directors on 1st July 2021.
The purpose of the procedure in question is to regulate the process of managing transactions with Related Parties carried out by Enav, either directly or through subsidiaries, in order to ensure the transparency and substantive and procedural correctness of such transactions. The document is drawn up in compliance with article 2391-bis of the Italian Civil Code and in compliance with the principles laid down in the "Regulation containing provisions relating to transactions with related parties", as per Consob Resolution no. 17221 of 12 March 2010 and subsequent amendments and additions, taking into account the additional principles and clarifications provided by Consob Communication n. DEM/10078683 of 24 September 2010, as amended and/or updated from time to time.

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