Processing of meteorological data for specific needs. 

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Interest in this service is common to many industrial sectors (energy, civil infrastructure, etc.), land and environmental management (soil characteristics, pollution, agriculture, forests, etc.) and services (insurance, banking, tourism, entertainment, transport, sport, etc.), as well as for personal use.

The experience of ENAV's meteorological services, which have always provided the level of detail required by airport dimensions, can be used to produce weather forecasts for specified areas/locations on specific dates or at specific times. Our skill in developing short and medium-term forecasts can support risk management activities to prevent the destructive effects of violent atmospheric phenomena, which are now more frequent as a result of ongoing climate change, thereby safeguarding infrastructure and tangible or intangible assets. Our leading capabilities in weather analysis can support our customers operating in the generation of green energy, with the characterization of wind fields aloft or determining the annual percentage of clear sky conditions. Easy-to-install automated light weather stations, which are capable of automatically providing wind, air/dew temperature and pressure data through a variety of systems including telephone transmission, can also improve meteorological surveillance and very short-term forecasting processes, which can also provide meteorological support to organizers of major events.



MET data and climate analysis

Provision of meteorological and climate analysis or post ad hoc analysis of the meteorological environment.

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MET Services

Meteorological services, including warning notices for adverse meteorological conditions or dedicated weather forecast delivery for aeronautical proposes, including siting evaluation based on historical meteorological data. 

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