The Company adopts various dedicated channels for reporting potential violations or irregularities

Among the various channels (e-mail, Pec, ordinary mail), an IT platform is active for the reporting of alleged offenses suitable to guarantee, in accordance with the relevant European and national legislation as well as internal provisions, in addition to confidentiality, anonymity of the reporting person. The purpose and use of the platform is regulated in detail in the whistleblowing rules. The reports received through the whistleblowing channels are evaluated by the competent units and those deemed relevant undergo further investigation.

The platform does not use any type of tracking technology, such as cookies, as well as not recording identifying elements of the access stations (IP address, User Agent, Language, etc). In this way, the complete anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed if he decides not to disclose his personal details. When a report is made, the data is encrypted and made available only to the recipients. The platform does not store any data permanently and any information received is deleted according to a strict data retention policy. 

ATTENTION: as a consequence of the aforementioned principles of protecting the confidentiality of information, the whistleblower must keep the code (ticket) provided by the platform at the time of the first report; otherwise, it will no longer be possible for the same to access the report for the possible insertion of further documentation / interlocutions or to obtain feedback from the staff responsible for managing what has been reported.

Anonymous reports will only be taken into consideration if they are detailed and provided they are submitted responsibly and in good faith.

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