airspace and flight procedures design​

Our designers work together with our operational experts to support our customers in designing, validating, and assessing airspace structure reorganization and route-network optimization (both en-route and terminal airspace) and creating, reviewing, and updating the related instrumental flight procedures.

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Support our customer in airspace and related route network/instrument flight procedure design, maintenance and modernization activities, from the conceptualization of operational requirements (CONOPS definitions) in order to take due account of any potential credible impact on the air operations involved, mitigating risks, optimizing the delivery of project (i.e.: Airport Master Plan or ATM modernization), to enable/improve the flexible use of airspace, to design arrival/departure networks to allow continuous descent/climb operations, to develop and review airspace infrastructure to accommodate specific air operations (HEMS, Helicopters, OAT, BAT, etc.) or to permit the integration of new users (drones, eVTOLS, sub-orbital operations, etc.). 

Our long and deep experience in flight procedure design and our primary focus on continuous training for our certified and skilled IFP Designers enable us to design, validate and assess airspace structure, route networks (for both en-route and terminal) and the related instrument flight procedures with the most reliable and accurate results. 

Since our technology is always up-to-date and verified through software validation, as required under international regulations, we are also able to provide all outputs in a range of different formats, including MS Office, PDF, KML/Z, DGN, DWG and other formats compliant with Autocad/Microstation and AIXM in different suites to satisfy customers' needs for aeronautical studies, publications, and DB updates. That makes us confident we can deliver high-level service to our customers around the world, because outsourcing design services and dedicated analysis can bring the greatest benefits and advantages to your business. 

Therefore, whenever you need… highly specialized designers and professional experts, trained to use efficient and up-to-date software systems … ask us for a formal commercial offer that will be totally customized for your needs.



Enhanced Solutions for Helicopter Operations

We support our customers by providing an overall analysis (operational environment, regulatory framework, etc.) to introduce a PBN network to enable helicopter operations at night or during the day and/or in minimum weather conditions to/from the heliport and area dedicated to helicopter operations, including off-shore platforms.

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Airspace Modelling and Route Design

Starting from experience gained in supporting key solutions implemented and/or planned by ENAV (i.e.: the implementation of Italian free route airspace (FRA-IT), the implementation of the so-called trombones and PMS for the main Italian airport approach services, the adoption of a PBN Transition Plan to reduce obsolete AIRNAV equipment and to implement an RNAVGNSS ATS network) and from experience acquired in national and international research projects (i.e.: Galileo, EGNOS and SESAR projects) and in activities performed with our international customers (Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, EAU, Morocco, etc.) our own experts can support you in modernizing the ATS network and Airspace Structure Design. 

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Instrument Flight Procedures Design

Starting from the experience gained in the design, validation and maintenance of more than 1,900 IFPs serving national airports and heliports and acquired in research and development activities (i.e.: the implementation of RNAV/GNSS flight procedures, the development of point-in-space procedures, Blue MED FAB GNSS projects, etc.) our Instrument Flight Procedure Design staff can support you in designing, validating and publishing of all kind of flight procedures: precision and non-precision, conventional and satellite-based procedures, for fixed wind aircraft, helicopters, rotorcraft and VTOL craft. 

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