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The ENAV Group ensures the operation of all the technological infrastructure necessary to provide air navigation services. The project activities are integrated with international standardisation and evolution processes and with numerous joint projects with other air navigation service providers

The ATM platforms are the set of systems for processing and presentation of information required by ATCs (Air Traffic Controllers), enabling them to manage air traffic planning and control operations in ACCs and airports.

The software performs the following tasks: accurate and clear tracking of flights across the airspace and on the ground, Flight Data Processing (predicts expected flight trajectories), generates alarms in the event of  expected under-separation, supports optimal and direct flight planning, provides access to all meteorological information and regarding availability of airspace, taxiways and runways, through straightforward and easy-to-use interfaces.

Airspace and air traffic management systems and platforms ensure always efficient flight paths and allow airlines to consume less fuel and meet passenger needs, rescheduling mobility flows. All this also for the benefit of the environment. Thanks to the procedures for managing overflight and ground aircraft, we favor the recovery of the sector, managing traffic peaks required by the new demand linked to tourism and the cargo sector.

In order to support greater capacity and fluidity of traffic some new automation components are being implemented. ERATO (En-Route Air Traffic Organizer), a tool developed by ENAV and DSNA, which integrates new functions to help ATCs to identify and manage potential medium term traffic conflicts.