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ENAV offers its employees smart work tools that meet individual needs while ensuring work-life balance

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Smart working

The experience gained during the COVID-19 health emergency has enabled the ENAV Group to accelerate the process of introducing smart working arrangements in the company. We have already agreed a post-emergency work model with social parties that allows all employees - compatibly with their type of job-to work from home for up to three days a week, with greater hourly flexibility within the day and meal vouchers maintained. A significant step forward to better work-life balance.

ENAV strongly supports several initiatives to enhance corporate and private welfare with special focus on sustainability to better meet employees’ needs and expectations.

Some opportunities offered to ENAV employees:


ENAV provides support and incentives to the education and training of its employees and their children.

  • Open Project 
    The Open Project (academic/professional orientation) intends to support the children of the Group employees (ENAV, Techno Sky and IDS AirNav), who are at their last year of secondary school while choosing their study at university and building an informed plan for professional career in line with their interests. The project is carried out in-house
  • “Intercultura” Scholarship
    Scholarship grants with Intercultura Foundation have been active for years offering international training to the children of the Group employees and promoting yearly and quarterly cultural exchanges for secondary school students


  • Prevaer Supplementary Pension Fund
    The pension fund envisages a contribution by the company equal to 3% of the salary of the employee adhering to the fund (in addition to 2% of the amount paid by the said employee)
  • Welfare Platforme
    With a focus on money saving to support the buying power of salaries, ENAV offers a Welfare Platform which gives the opportunity to employees to change the bonus of their salaries into a fully tax- exempt credit to be used for the purchase of goods and services for them and their families (e.g. education, public transportation, family healthcare, vouchers, social security and many other services for pastimes and leisure activities)
  • Corporate Beneftis
    Through its Corporate Benefits platform, ENAV provides employees with a variety of benefits (e.g. banking, insurance, leisure time, culture, mobility, fitness). In addition, discounts and benefits are granted with special attention given to companies proposing goods and services oriented to environmental ethics


  • Supplementary Health Policy
    The company offers its employees and their dependent family members a supplementary health policy to cover medical and health costs in the case of illness and accident either through reimbursement or directly payment of costs at affiliated facilities. All employees have a “prevention through care package” specific for gender and age
    The people of ENAV Group have access to insurance cover for compensation in the event of work and non-work  related accidents entitling permanent disability benefits
  • Yes We Care
    The Yes We Care Project has the objective goal to raise awareness on safer lifestyle through meetings, webinars, ebooks etc with a view to disseminate good practices on health prevention by reducing risk factors of diverse pathologies