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We are the company that manages civil air traffic in Italy, guaranteeing safety and on-time performance for more than 2 million flights a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Thanks to a solid strategy rooted in our strengths and the ability to innovate that forms part of our DNA, we look towards the future to make it increasingly sustainable.



  • We are the only Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) in the world listed on a stock exchange and one of the leading European air navigation infrastructure operators providing strategic services.
  • Designated by the Italian State as the national provider of civilian air navigation services, we operate with no term limits.


  • We deliver unequaled service quality, both in terms of the human resources we use and the proprietary infrastructure we operate.
  • We can attract an increasing volume of air traffic on the routes we manage thanks both to the high-performance level we provide in terms of capacity and safety, and to Italy’s geographical location.


  • We have a stable and resilient business model characterized by high protection against risks related to air traffic volume fluctuations.
  • The regulations we operate under incorporate an incentive system established at the European level, providing room for growth.


  • We have a high cash flow generation capacity.
  • We serve a well-diversified international customer base.


  • We are exposed to the long-term growth of the air transport sector.
  • We leverage our experience and the skills of the Group companies to provide aeronautical advisory services, software, and training at an international level (non-regulated business).
Source: Airbus Global Market Forecast 2021-2040
1. Revenue passenger kilometer

Financial Highlights

Revenue 1,000
Net Result 113
Net Debt (Net Cash)* 322

* Net debt including €19.1m of Trade Payable, as per Consob indication n. 5/21 issued in May 2021

Full Year 2023


For several years, as part of the projects relating to the Flight Efficiency Plan, ENAV has been engaged in the development of solutions aimed at reducing emissions from its customers, the carriers.

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Technological innovation, the digitalization of systems and a sustainable evolution of the airspace infrastructure with the highest levels of safety are at the heart of our industrial strategy.

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