Innovation by design

We outlined a transformation strategy based on a systematic, continuous, and inclusive process to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

Innovation by Design includes processes, methods, projects, tools, physical and virtual spaces to reconcile creativity and imagination in the context of our company's corporate and business activities. Thanks to Agile methodologies, such as Design Thinking, we integrate complementary skills to bring value to our Group and stakeholders.    

ENAV Digital

ENAV Digital

The ENAV digital program aims at the digital transformation within our company to enhance the work processes, driven by people's needs including working remotely.

Through hyper-automation and Artificial Intelligence tools and technologies applied to Information Technology, we strongly aim to become a paperless company. 

We have integrated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 into our business plan: innovation and digital technologies allow us to create a sustainable supply chain together with our partners to fully integrate sustainability, transparency, and traceability of business processes.  

ENAV Virtual

ENAV Virtual 

The ENAV Virtual program stands upon the Digital European Sky, which envisages a push towards the virtualization of Air Traffic Management services. This will allow a virtual control centre to collect, share and use Air Traffic Management data to provide innovative services to stakeholders.

Over the years ENAV acquired excellence in simulation, digital systems, and virtual technologies. In the company’s Training Centre in Forlì, operational staff is trained with 2D and 3D simulation technologies and the expected performance levels are modelled to optimise services, increase capacity, and constantly raise safety levels.

Thanks to ground-breaking pilot projects we explore frontier technologies such as the metaverse and experiment with new concepts of human/machine interaction based on virtual, augmented and mixed reality.


Data Driven Company

 Data Driven Company

ENAV is implementing a paradigm in which data and data processing models become fundamental assets for the realisation of the company's strategic objectives.

The Data Driven Company will allow us to use data effectively and reasonably in the decision-making process. Therefore, we test within innovation projects key technologies such as AI, Machine learning, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT and digital twins.

Through a change management processes we promote the data culture to all company levels, and support operational and management activities by updating and training our employees.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

 To generate innovative ideas and solutions, we promote a collaborative effort between our company and start-ups, universities, customers, and other businesses. 

Our Open Innovation Initiatives create cooperation, sharing and networking to generate innovation, culture, growth and constant enrichment for us and our stakeholders.

The scouting of emerging technologies and the development of innovative services based on new business models allow us to create an ecosystem of innovation that aims to achieve sustainability in compliance with corporate ESG principles.