sustainable for you

Sustainability represents our commitment to a cleaner sky and to pursuing a model of development that is ever more inclusive and attentive to future generations

To achieve these goals, we have begun a journey that focuses on people, technological innovation and digitalisation, capable of  creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.

Our sustainability strategy, which is integrated into the Group's lines of development, defines the actions and projects that we commit to implement every three years, with the aim of setting an example of sustainable development for the entire air traffic control industry.

The environment is one of our priorities: we are designing shorter and more direct routes to enable aircraft to reduce CO2 emissions. We play an active role in key national and international networks and we will soon be a Carbon neutral company with a reduction of our direct and indirect emissions by more than 80%.

At the centre of everything are our people: talent, competence and diversity are the values we believe in, aware that human capital is our most important asset.