flight inspection and validation​

Flight inspection and validation activities are regulated by ICAO as well as by national requirements: ENAV FIV is fully compliant with the provisions of ICAO Annex 10, DOC8071 and DOC9906. We are also fully endorsed by Italy’s CAA in accordance with EASA regulations AIR-OPS for SPO. FIV personnel are involved with customers at the technical level at various stages: definition of the tasks, operational coordination, safety and security procedure definition and on-site ground support. 

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Any type of activity requested by the customer will conclude with the provision of deliverable reports. These reports, together with supporting evidence of the activity performed (recordings and data) will be submitted within the prescribed timeframe. We have operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The entire fleet of FIV aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art flight inspection systems. All aircraft are also equipped to provide the full spectrum of flight inspection and validation capabilities, allowing for great flexibility in fleet management and peace of mind for our customer.

We operate with a dedicated fleet of four Piaggio Aerospace P180 Avanti II-RM aircraft, a dedicated variant of the renowned Avanti, the fastest turboprop in production. Capabilities range from flight inspection of all conventional navigation aids to validation of any type of instrument flight procedures, including RNP-AR. 

The service we provide to our customers goes beyond the simple service provider-customer relationship. We will be your partner for the entire duration of the contract. Our experience enables us to provide: 

  • high right-on-time rate, in accordance with the schedule defined with our customers;
  • short response time. A fleet of 4 aircraft enables us to comply with any last-minute need of our customers;
  • high attention to minimizing any delay to commercial operations. We have developed a special procedure minimize delays for commercial traffic;
  • our services are 100% customized in accordance with customer requirements;
  • we deliver comprehensive customer support. We assist our customers throughout the process, from data collection to the final FIV report;
  • we are proud of the high level of customer satisfaction achieved in the last decade of operations;
  • we are specialized for operations in demanding environments such as Africa and Middle East.

Our flight and ground crew are fully dedicated to flight inspection and validation tasks, specifically:

  • all pilots hold ATP licences with at least 5,000 flight hours of experience;
  • all the Flight Inspection Operators have multiple years of operational experience;
  • the captain is the NAVAID Inspector: they are all extensively trained in FIV matters, with recurrent training every year;
  • recurrent training is provided to all operational personnel;
  • training and checking are performed to the highest standards;
  • staff members are involved in many international activities, including participation in ICAO panels and international committees (we have permanent members in the ICAO IFPP, ICASC and IFPDAVA);
  • In-house type rating instructor and examiner.



PAPI, ALS and Visual Aids

Thanks to four Piaggio P180 AVANTI II aircraft equipped with the NSM UNIFIS 3000 platform and a portable RIFIS system, ENAV can provide flight inspection services for all types of approach lighting systems:


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Communication & Surveillance

Thanks to four Piaggio P180 AVANTI II aircraft equipped with the NSM UNIFIS 3000 platform, ENAV can provide flight validation services for communication (UHF, VDF, ATC COM, CPDL) and surveillance (Precision Approach Radar – PAR, Primary Surveillance Radar – PSR, Secondary Surveillance Radar – SSR  Mode A/C/S, Surveillance Minimum Altitude Chart Validation, ADS-B) facilities. 

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Flight Procedures Validation

Thanks to four Piaggio P180 AVANTI II aircraft equipped with the NSM UNIFIS 3000 platform and a portable RIFIS system, ENAV can provide flight validation services for of any type of IFP, precision and non-precision, satellite-based (GNSS/SBAS) or conventional NAVAID:

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Flight Inspection

With a Piaggio P180 AVANTI II equipped with the NSM UNIFIS 3000 platform, ENAV can assess the following NAVAIDs:

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