ENAV in the year of COVID-19

In the worst year ever, we were more united than ever

We faced the COVID-19 pandemic taking all the necessary actions to ensure, first and foremost, the safety and continuity of service. For us, whether there are 1000 or 10 flights, the supervision and control of airspace remains an essential mission.

To protect the health of all operating personnel, we developed a contingency plan using alternating shifts of different teams of controllers.

From the very outset of the health emergency, we have taken both individual and organizational risk mitigation measures, while remote working arrangements have been expanded in order to limit the number of people that have to come into the office.

To ensure that the productivity of corporate staff did not suffer during the pandemic, we implemented technical and management solutions that have enabled people to work effectively from home:

  • 4,300 Office365 licenses; 
  • implementation of infomobility systems, which made it possible to assign 1,500 remote access credentials for company systems;
  • over 1,000 laptops distributed;
  • the launch of a portal dedicated to flexible working;
  • a Discovering ENAV Group webinar cycle;
  • a survey on flexible working arrangements.

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