Sustainability Plan 2021-2023 approved

Sustainaibility Plan has been approved by the ENAV's board of directors

Cover sustainability plan

Based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ENAV sustainability plan outlines a series of objectives and targets that will help make the company's journey even more focused on innovation and sustainability. Attention will be focused on innovation, environment, diversity and inclusion and the further development of the culture of sustainability, in the belief that sustainable development is our goal and innovation the means to achieve it.

Sustainable development is the driver that guides all the industrial strategies of the ENAV Group - declared the CEO Paolo Simioni - We are now a smart company committed to technological innovation, the digitization of systems and the growth of resources, and now also in front line in the management of drones, which represent a rapidly evolving sector, for the improvement of essential and strategic services for people and Italy. We have aligned ourselves with the SDGs, defined by the UN to promote human well-being and protect the environment. We are doing it with commitment and dedication thanks to a totally '' sustainable '' investment .