ENAV among the top 200 most sustainable companies on the web

ESG Perception Index: ENAV ranks fourth in the transport sector


ENAV joins, for the first time, the ESG Perception Index, the indicator that measures the perception of sustainability of companies, ranking 4th among the companies in the Transport sector.

The Reputation Science Observatory examines the major companies on the Italian market (capitalized in Piazza Affari, Mediobanca ranking, Interbrand ranking) to produce a ranking of the top 200 companies perceived as the most sustainable on the web.

The analysis model evaluates the proximity of the brand to the 17 sustainability pillars defined by the UN and produces an indicator for each one (from 0 to 100) based on qualitative, quantitative and structural parameters: the association of the brand also weighs on the score. sustainability on search engines and how much it uses its channels (e.g. website, social profiles) to tell about its commitment to the topic.