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Third CORUS U-Space Workshop - Concept of Operations for EuRopean UTM Systems

Third CORUS U-Space Workshop

Third CORUS U-Space Workshop - Concept of Operations for EuRopean UTM Systems
2 - 5 April 2019
Validate the U-Space Concept of Operations
CORUS is developing and writing a concept of operations for U-Space, the management system for drones in the European VLL - very low level - airspace.
Starting from the U-Space blueprint and the ATM Master Plan update, the project has identified the relevant use cases, a suitable airspace definition as well as a detailed description of the services necessary for VLL drone operations. An initial architecture has also been devised. This work also takes the airspace around airports into consideration.
The services identified are defined in a way that shows how they can and should be used together to enable safe drone operations, while balancing the needs of the drone sector with those of society as a whole.
The CORUS findings will be integrated into the second version of the CORUS Concept of Operation which will be published on the 1st  March 2019.
This is why we invite you to join us at Ciampino, Rome, Italy, to the third in this series of CORUS workshops, kindly hosted by our Italian consortium member, ENAV. At this workshop, you will hear about the proposed Concept of Operations and you will be able to influence U-Space’s future development.
Our goal is to ensure that the needs and views of all stakeholders are taken into consideration. The CORUS Concept of Operations should encompass all services required for the safe operations of drones in Europe’s airspace.
In order to make a success of this, we need to compare perspectives from wide variety of sources. We want to establish the fullest possible picture of all the services that very low level (VLL) drone operations might need. We also have to validate the Concept with a representative set of stakeholders.

The U-Space Community Network
In addition to register for the workshop, you could also ask to become part of the U-space Community Network.
As part of this community, you will receive more information about CORUS outcomes for the duration of the project and you will be able to provide us with your thoughts and input on a number of questions that will guide our work.
We invite all members of the drone community to participate in this validation process. Register to the CORUS third workshop, where you will hear about the proposed concept of operation and you will be able to influence the future development of U-space.
Attendance at this workshop is free of charge, but you will need to make and finance your own travel arrangements.
2 April – Dissemination Day
General presentation of the CORUS Concept of Operations to the U-Space Community Network. You will be able to submit comments and suggestions electronically at the workshop and over the following days.
3 April – U-Space Big Picture Day
Several U-Space projects are currently busy exploring the technical enablers for U-Space. They are looking at aspects such as Detect and Avoid, Security, Tracking and Aeronautical Information. In this session, you will learn about their initial findings and put them into the CORUS concept of operations context.
4 - 5 April – CORUS concept of operations Expert Review
This session is dedicated to a detailed examination of the CORUS concept of operations, guided by comments received.  In order to participate in this session, you must have read and reviewed version 2 of the CORUS concept of operations document. This will be sent to you well in advance and you should submit your comments in writing before the workshop begins. The CORUS team will aggregate the comments and organise sessions for discussing themes identified in them. Note that the session on the 5th April takes place in the morning only.
CORUS is a Horizon 2020 project, established within the context of SESAR. The project has nine partner organisations: DFS, DLR, DSNA, ENAV, EUROCONTROL (leading), HEMAV, NATS, Unifly and UPC. It is guided by an Advisory Board of 22 members, and a growing ‘U-space Community Network’ of stakeholders. The project also communicates and cooperates with other drone-related projects looking at specific technologies.
CORUS is seeking to build consensus and collate experiences in drone operations in very low-level airspace. The project’s activity centres on large-scale workshops; these provide CORUS with information, allowing it to build, refine and validate its Concept of Operations for U-Space.