MET data and climate analysis


Provision of meteorological and climate analysis or post ad hoc analysis of the meteorological environment.

Interest in the acquisition of historical meteorological and climate data is common to many sectors of industry (energy, civil infrastructure, etc.), land management and environment (e.g., soil characteristics, pollution, agriculture, forests, etc.) and services (insurance, banking, tourism, entertainment, transport, sports, etc.). Using our aviation experience, we can support customers in the siting decision-making process when meteorological conditions are one of the key elements for achieving the desired performance/results (i.e., best location for photovoltaic plants or wind farms, outdoor events, transport, and mobility, etc.).

ENAV Met Service’s expertise in climate analysis can also be applied to non-ENAV meteorological data for specified areas and time intervals, including areas outside Italy. Data for ENAV airports, drawn from our operational database, can also be used for to improve climate analysis in areas located near ENAV airports.

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