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On line delegation form

Pursuant to Article 135-novies et seq. of the Consolidated Law and Article 8.1 of the Articles of Association, anyone entitled to vote may be represented at the Meeting by proxy conferred in writing in accordance with applicable law.  Anyone wishing to elect such option may notify their proxy to the Company, through the ad hoc proxy notification web application, according to the following instructions:
  • Fill in the proxy, preferably by compiling the format provided
  • Fill in the form in this page
  • Once duly filled in and signed, attach the proxy to the form, using an acceptable file format (PDF, JPEG or JPG)
The web application will deliver a message with the outcome of the submission; if successful, a message will also be delivered to the email address indicated in the form.
If notification thorugh the ad hoc proxy notification web application is not possible, the proxy – completed in full, prepared legibly and duly signed, may be delivered to the Company, if possible at least two trading days before the date set for the Meeting, (i.e., by 24 April 2019), with reference “Proxy voting”:
  • by registered mail with return receipt to the following address: ENAV S.p.A. – Legal, Corporate Affairs and Governance - Via Salaria, 716 - 00138 Rome –
  • by fax at +39 0681662062
  • by certified e-mail, to deleghe.assemblea@pec.enav.it

All fields are mandatory and referred to the delegated person

Only those proxies shall be considered electronically notified to the Company in connection to which a confirmation message is received at the email address indicated in the form. The Company reserves the right not to accept proxies notified in electronic form that are damaged or otherwise illegible.

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