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More efficient routes for approaches to Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo airports

Milan, 21 December 2023 - As of today, at the Area Control Centre in Milan, responsible for airspace over north-west Italy, both for the en-route phase and the airport approach phase, the AMAN (Arrival Manager) is operational, a technological tool for more efficiently managing flights arriving at the airports of Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio.


ENAV SpA, for Malpensa airport alone, has estimated an average reduction of 30 seconds per single flight, i.e. approximately 4.8 km of shorter distance with consequent fuel savings of 30 kg, corresponding to approximately 93 kg of CO2.


Specifically, AMAN is a system that supports air traffic controllers in managing flights during the approach phase to the arrival airport, from when the aircraft is close to leaving cruise level to begin its descent until it is aligned with the landing runway. In fact, this innovative system is able to assist the air traffic controller in defining the optimal arrival sequence for each aircraft, reducing flight time and thus allowing aircraft approaching airports to consume less fuel.


Estimated Landing Time (ELDT) is calculated using predicted trajectory data and updates provided by radar systems. Through traffic flow optimisation strategies, starting 180 miles (about 330 km) from the runway, AMAN plans an arrival sequence, determining target landing times (TLDT) dynamically updated through successive checks defined at specific points along the arrival routes.


The Arrival Manager, since 23 December 2022, has already been operational at the ENAV Control Centre in Rome for the approach phase at Fiumicino Airport and has so far ensured an overall reduction of more than 360,000 kg of fuel for a lower CO2 emission of about 1 million kg.

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