Press release

ENAV: contract signed with Taiwan air navigation and weather services

Rome, 26 July 2023 - ENAV S.p.A. - through its subsidiary IDS AirNav - a company leader in the provision of aeronautical information management systems - has signed a contract with the air navigation service provider of Taiwan, ANWS (Air Navigation and Weather Services).


The contract, with a duration of 5 years, has a total value of 5 million euro.


Pasqualino Monti – ENAV SpA CEO – said: “We are focusing heavily on the not-regulated market, which represents an essential driver to grow the company's margins. IDS AirNav's systems are among the most widely used internationally, but I am confident that there is still plenty of room for improvement, thanks also to the capabilities we have in other areas such as training or aviation consulting. We are working to create a true commercial ecosystem that integrates all the capabilities of our Group even more efficiently.”


The contract foresees the supply and assistance of "CRONOS", a new aeronautical information management system. It is a high-performance digital platform that will be in use in the Taiwanese control rooms and accessible by airports and airlines by 2024.


“CRONOS” will be utilized for the management of:


  • “AIS-TAM” Aeronautical Information: events or notifications containing temporary information (new procedures, alerts) essential for the personnel involved in flight operations;
  • "OPMET" Information: meteorological information intended for flight planning;
  • "ATS" Information: information provided to service providers and authorities, relating to a flight scheduled in a time interval within a portions of airspace;
  • Pre-Flight Information Service: presentation of aeronautical and meteorological information relating to data on the route to be covered and on departure, destination or alternative airports.


“CRONOS” thus adds to the services already provided by the ENAV Group and in use by ANWS, as the system for the design of approach procedures and the system for the publication of aeronautical information, for the benefit of optimized operational processes and improved sustainability.