Press release

ENAV obtains the EASI certification for sustainability

Rome, 30 March 2023 – ENAV is among the few companies in Italy and the only one in air transport to have obtained the EASI certification (Ecosistema Aziendale Sostenibile Integrato).


EASI is the only corporate sustainability model to have been recognized by Accredia, the single accreditation body that operates as a non-profit, under the supervision of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy.


The EASI Model is an innovative scheme that integrates sustainable development into the strategy and all company processes, combining growth and economic-financial strenght with environmental and social sustainability to create long-term value.


The model arises by the need to gather all the requirements that an organization must meet to adopt a corporate management system that complies with the milestones of sustainability and is capable to create vision, internal and external awareness with concrete contents and actions.


EASI is an organizational model conceived to set up an integrated management of sustainable development aspects thanks to social responsibility "governance" processes and allows companies to increase the value produced by Sustainability Policies.


There are five topics analyzed for this first certification:


  • Governance
  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Environmental impact
  • Customer, user and consumer aspects
  • Data protection and IT security


ENAV obtained the certification at the end of an audit process by DNV Business Assurance - an international certification body. This certification was achieved thanks to the work of all the corporate structures involved and the guidance support of the Sustainability Committee which is assigned functions of promotion of sustainability policies connected to the exercise of the Company's activities and its interaction with stakeholders.