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Company and Trade Unions together for the digital transition of ENAV

Rome, 14 October 2021 - The ENAV Group and all the Trade Unions, within the Joint Guarantee Body, have signed a programmatic document that lays the foundations to accompany ENAV's digital transition in a sustainable way, professionalizing internal resources and favoring the entry of further external staff to ensure the implementation of strategic projects.

The modernization of air traffic management systems and the evolution of the operating skill are expected. The purpose is to ensure increasingly efficient and flexible services to carriers and passengers and to manage airspace as a strategic resource for the Italian economic revitalization, by creating a sustainable mobility model which also includes the development of remotely piloted aircraft.


ENAV CEO Paolo Simioni said: Continuous search for operational technical excellence and the vision of a better future for ENAV's people and the community. This is the spirit that created the conditions to reach such a decisive understanding for the evolution of our Group. This result was also possible thanks to ENAV's participatory model which ensures proactive sharing of corporate strategies between the Company and the Trade Unions. Achieving the digital transition of our infrastructures means helping Italy to grow economically, socially and culturally, promoting the mobility of people in a sustainable and efficient way.


Specifically, the document provides for a joint commitment - among other things - to:

  • the implementation of remotely managed control towers with the consequent professionalization of the staff employed in these state-of-the-art facilities from which it will be possible to ensure a 24-hour service even at airports where today it is not provided
  • the hiring of new technical and operational staff to ensure optimal management of workloads and training
  • the review of the current employment contract to adapt it to the new professional profiles required by technological and operational evolution
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