Sustainability plan 2021-2023 approved

Sustainable development is the main driver guiding all ENAV Group industrial strategies

Sustainability plan 2021-2023
  • Carbon neutrality by 2022
  • Innovation and technology for flight efficiency
  • Diversity and Inclusion dedicated projects


Rome, 1 July 2021 - The ENAV Board of Directors – held today under the chairmanship of Francesca Isgrò – approved the Sustainability Plan for the period 2021-2023.


The Sustainability Plan includes 33 targets, which represent the main projects on which the ENAV Group will be committed in the period 2021-2023.


"Strategy and Governance", "Policies", "Technological innovation", "Reporting and Communication", "Culture and dedicated projects" and "Climate change" are the strategic guidelines of the Sustainability Plan. Starting from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the Plan outlines a series of actions, inspired by different scopes, including: the outcomes of stakeholder management activities, the analysis of the ENAV Group's positioning compared with main sustainability indices assessments’ and a benchmark analysis on main sustainability themes deemed of interest by the market and the Group.


Sustainable development is the main driver guiding all ENAV Group industrial strategies” - said CEO Paolo Simioni – “We are a smart company committed to technological innovation, systems’ digitization and growth of human resources, and now also at the forefront in the management of drones, which represent a sector in strong evolution, for the improvement of essential and strategic services for people and whole Italy. We aligned ourselves with the UN SDGs, to promote human well-being and protect the environment. Our commitment and dedication leverages on a totally “sustainable” Investment Plan that will generate positive impacts for the entire sector and its supply chain.”


ENAV, as a service provider at the forefront of innovation in Europe, has always been focused on the implementation of projects able to reduce CO2 emissions. The Free Route procedure, for example, allows airlines to overflight Italian airspace with direct routes, bypassing old airways. Since 2017, when Free Route procedure was implemented, 128 million kg of fuel have been saved globally for lower emissions, equal to 403 million kg of CO2.


Looking at direct emissions – by 2022 – ENAV will be a zero climate impact company, exceeding and anticipating by almost 10 years the European Union targets.


Direct CO2 emissions will be reduced by 23% in 2021 and by 80% in 2022. The remaining 20% will be offset financing environmental protection projects to the benefit of the whole country.

This historic goal will be achieved thanks to various initiatives, most of which already launched, ranging from actions to improve consumption efficiency, to the purchase and production of energy from renewable sources, through the gradual replacement of the Company’s car fleet with electric cars and the massive use of agile working aiming to improve the work environment of all employees.


Projects to delete single-use plastics and implement the green supply chain are also meaningful. Furthermore, additional initiatives for people caring, will been implemented, such as welfare policies aiming at improving the work-life balance and a new vision of diversity and inclusion to be seen as opportunity to become a better company. With regards to the last point, projects dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities, gender diversity and diversity management, will be launched.