ENAV celebrates 40 years of innovation and reliability

Working with commitment and passion for the future of the sky


A meeting was held today between Enrico Giovannini, the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, institutions, organisations and companies on developments in a sector that generates 4% of the country’s GDP


Rome, 12 July 2021 - Digitisation, interoperability and sustainable transition are the main guidelines along which ENAV works each day to build the skies of the future. They represent challenges facing the sector in view, amongst other things, of the targets set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. These new challenges and the solid track record of the company that has managed civilian air traffic over the last 40 years were discussed today on the occasion of the celebration of its fortieth anniversary.


ENAV senior management welcomed institutions, organisations and companies to the Ciampino Congress Centre to discuss developments in the Italian air transport industry.


Statement by the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini: In a period of profound transformation, the huge challenges facing the aviation sector, which has been hard-hit by the pandemic, are to keep pace with evolving technologies, to speed up ecological transition and to provide increasingly more innovative services, in anticipation of market demands” said Enrico Giovannini, the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable mobility. “ENAV is a major European player and its strategies, including its sustainable development strategies, are forward-looking with a focus on reconciling safety with efficiency, where the key goal is to satisfy customer requirements. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with its strong emphasis on greater digitisation, will help equip the country with an air traffic control system able to meet the new challenges ahead. With investments of €110 million, the NRRP projects certainly go in the right direction to make services more competitive and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.


Statement by the ENAV Chairwoman Francesca Isgrò: Over the last 40 years ENAV has employed over 8.000 people who have helped build a company with the hallmarks of inclusion, respect and professionalism, indispensable to a successful organisation such as ENAV. My thanks therefore go to the people of ENAV, not just for what they have done or are doing now, but above all for what they will do to improve the lives of people in society and to support our country’s development. ENAV is also a strong and innovative company because of its constant collaboration with our institutional and industrial stakeholders and the synergies created with them.


Statement by the ENAV CEO, Paolo Simioni: After a history of 40 years, my first thought is that the most important challenge for ENAV is the next one. Today we can speak of a Group that has always anticipated the future, number one in Europe for safety and punctuality and present with its technology in over 100 companies throughout the world. It has constantly moved ahead with its technological development and the expertise of its people that constitute key pillars for the sustainable development of airspace as a strategic resource for the Italian economy. Today ENAV operates in an interconnected ecosystem with national and international partners and authorities. It plays not only an operational role but also a proactive role in the processes of change which put it at the forefront in the development of satellite platforms and drone management. I wish to thank all our 4,147 people who provide an essential service to the community everyday as they work with commitment and passion for the skies of the future.


A short note from the President of the Italian Republic sending his best wishes was read to open the event, while in addition to the Minister and senior managers of the company, the following also spoke:


  • Alberto Rosso, Chief of the Italian Air Force
  • Salvatore Pellecchia, Vice President of the ENAV “Organismo Paritetico di Garanzia” (industrial relations committee)
  • Fabio Maria Lazzerini, ITA CEO
  • Pierluigi Di Palma, ENAC President
  • Claudio De Vincenti, Chairman of Aeroporti di Roma
  • Marina Lalli, Chairwoman of Federturismo Confindustria (confederation of industry, tourism sector)

The 40th anniversary provided an opportunity to reflect on the profound changes in the history of this organisation which has always relied on its human capital and on innovation at the service of flight safety. In 1981, the then President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, signed Decree No. 145, which spun off this organisation from the Italian Air Force to create ENAV. Today it is a dynamic Group of companies that operates on the global market with approximately 4,200 personnel. Not only does it ensure efficiency and punctuality in the skies over Italy, but it also exports technology and know-how throughout world.