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Services and Activities

All over Italy, 24/7, ENAV provides air traffic control and other navigational assistance services through the 4 Area Control Centres (ACC) in Rome, Milan, Padua and Brindisi and the control towers (TWR) of 45 airports.
ENAV handles all phases of aircraft flight using its own facilities. The flight phase is entrusted to the flight controllers in the ACCs, while the control towers handle take off, landing and approach within a radius of approximately 20 km from each airport.
In addition to air traffic control, ENAV provides other essential services for air navigation safety.
Aeronautical information
Publication and updating of aeronautical information essential for air traffic operations (AIP Italy and publishing/issuing NOTAM updates)
Aeronautical charts and Flight procedures
Exclusive development and production of all air traffic procedures and aeronautical charts (civil aviation)
Regular weather information, forecasts at airports and prompt warnings regarding weather phenomena that are critical for flight
Flight inspection
In-flight verification of radio apparatus (Radar, VOR, DME, ILS, etc.), carried out by ENAV’s air fleet, to ensure that proper signals are being sent to aircrafts

Research and Development
Carried out by ENAV under the European SESAR programme
The Training Centre is the only centre authorised for training air traffic controllers in Italy