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President Roberto Scaramella at the Just Culture - Experience Sharing Enhanced SMS

Rome, 21 November 2017 - For the first time, Italy with ENAV hosts Experience Sharing Enhanced SMS, a meeting to which all countries belonging to the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) adhere to safety in the world of civil aviation and, in particular, at Just Culture. For the first time, this edition also sees the participation of companies operating in the field of rail and nuclear energy.
The new Just Culture platform is internationally shared and within it people involved in the air traffic management system have an unusual event or in the course of their activities. The platform has been set up to share crisis management in order to improve the capabilities of every single actor in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) scenario.
This year, the choice was made on the city of Rome and ENAV President Roberto Scaramella opened the meeting highlighting ENAV's commitment to safety-related issues and risk mitigation procedures.
Scaramella reiterated Safety is the most important and strategic pillar also in terms of business performance and the human factor becomes central because thanks to free reporting you can study a problem, learn from error and improvement.
The convention is an opportunity where all involved parties present their job, their outcomes, and compare themselves to future prospects in a system that is constantly committed to delivering passengers safely, punctually and sustainably.