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Enav CEO Roberta Neri at CANSO Global ATM Summit 2017

Copenhagen – 14 June 2017 – Today was the end of the 21th Annual General Meeting of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation), which brought together global leaders from across the ATM industry to discuss and exchange views on the common challenges of air traffic.
Among the 200 plus delegates from 50 different parties taking part in the event, Enav’s CEO Roberta Neri also participated with a speech on Enav’s privatisation process to illustrate Enav’s pioneer experience as first ever Air Navigation Service Provider to be listed in a stock exchange.
We set out on this course ten months ago and experienced many positive developments”, said Roberta Neri at the outset in her speech and explained how Enav’s privatisation experience was accurate and scrupulous, with a solid investors’ base achieved after more than 220 meetings. “This allowed the Company to achieve and exceed anything that had been promised during the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process”, continued Enav’s CEO.
In her presentation Roberta Neri explained to the audience that the Italian government retains a ‘golden power’ i.e. total control over the company given its strategic role for the Italian transport system.
Enav’s corporate governance complies with the best practices of listed companies and the adoption of an internal risk control and management system protects Enav and its investors" – concluded Ms. Roberta Neri.
Roberta Neri’s presentation, “The Process and Lessons of Privatisation” raised great interest among the representatives of other global air navigation service providers, which had on other occasions asked for further information on Enav’s public listing.