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ENAV participated in the third edition of Festivalmeteorologia

ENAV participated in the third edition of Festivalmeteorologia in Rovereto, held at the Polo Tecnologico di Trentino Sviluppo, from 17 to 19 November 2017.

Organized by the University of Trento, Comune di Rovereto and Trentino Sviluppo, it is the major national event in the meteorology sector and meteorological studies, as the general awareness of their economic and risk prevention value has generally improved within the years.
The event program focused on the theme: Meteorology: between science and technology. Other topics were also introduced: how to do business with the "weather", create jobs and new professional careers and improve the quality of life.
An exhibiting space was set up and hosted major Italian and international companies in the field of aviation meteorology, the measurement of weather and climate change systems and last generation technologies and services.
ENAV attended with an exhibiting space; an important opportunity to present its meteorological dedicated systems and services developed thanks to its experience in the aeronautical field.
ENAV meteorologists attended, as speaker and moderators, several scientific seminars, educational lectures and technical presentations during the event.
This year the "EDAMS 4.0” station was presented - “a new meteo system datalogger concept for a more valuable logistic management”. An innovative and effective solution for low-cost surface atmospheric observations in several dedicated areas.
The Festivalmeteorologia has therefore been a precious opportunity for mutual awareness and interaction among the different realities of Italian and international meteorology.

For further information: ask@enav.it