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ION - IFIS (Institute of Navigation – International Flight Inspection Symposium) 2018

ENAV  attended the 20th edition of the International Flight Inspection Symposium  from 16 to 20 April at the Official Conference Hall - Hotel Hyatt Regency, in Monterey, California.
The biennial International Flight Inspection Symposium exists for the purpose of exchanging technical information, dealing with aviation system operation and its impact on flight.

The discussions and presentations concerning the most updated international flight inspection procedures, techniques, training, equipment, technologies and other relevant topics will bring a better understanding and awareness of their importance.

The Symposium was attended by leading industries, agencies and service providers within the flight inspection and aerospace international communities from Countries such as, Norway, the U.S.A., Serbia and Canada.
There were also be several scheduled panels focused on the important area of calibrating and maintaining the navigational signals and procedures, upon which the aviation system operations are based.
ENAV Flight Inspection Unit will participate, as ICASC delegates (The International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration), Steering Committee members and as speakers and chairmen in various scheduled seminars and planned international working groups during the Event, with the commitment, expertise, and passion that have always distinguished the Company.
ENAV introduced its highly performing flight calibration and validation services as part of its vast international commercial offer of services and solutions.
Relying on a fleet of perfectly equipped aircraft and advanced data processing systems,

ENAV can provide any type of flight control and validation service, guaranteeing the utmost standards of excellence, reduced flight times and competitive prices.
ENAV is leader in providing high quality services and solutions for Air Traffic Control, and commercializes a wide range of services, products and consulting worldwide, including Flight Inspection, Aeronautical Consulting and Design, Training, Maintenance and Engineering and Meteo Services.
ENAV Paper: “Night Operation: a successful hazard mitigation example in Flight Inspection”.
Presenter: Andrea Gioia, Captain and Safety Officer - Flight Inspection Unit - ENAV.