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IDS AirNav wins contract in Brazil

Rome, Italy - October 4, 2019 – ENAV announces that its subsidiary IDS AirNav, has been awarded a contract by Ministerio da Difesa - Comando da Aeronautica – CISCEA, the Brazilian air navigation service provider, for a total consideration of 600,000 euro.
In particular, IDS AirNav will provide the license management platform and services of ICE (Integrated Cartographic Environment), an aeronautical mapping system capable of producing and managing aeronautical charts relating to flight and route procedures for publication in the AIP (Integrated Aeronautical Information Package).
CISCEA uses the AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual) of IDS AirNav for the design and validation of flight procedures, the simulation and electromagnetic analysis of radio-aids, mapping, publication and management of all useful information for air navigation, from the flight plans to the various bulletins that are issued.
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IDS AirNav wins contract in Brazil