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July 2020 air traffic in Italy three times higher compared to June

Ongoing growth trend confirmed with positive outlook for August
Rome, 4 August 2020 – ENAV announces that in July it has handled a number of flights three times higher than in June, with over 75,200 movements recorded for a daily average of 2,428 flights and a maximum peak - recorded on July 31 - of 3,061 flights. In June, ENAV had managed just over 26,000 movements with an average of 866 flights per day.
The 75,200 movements managed by ENAV in July are divided as follows:
  • 46% international flights (arrival or departure from/to a foreign airport);
  • 24,6% domestic flights (arrival and departure on Italian airports);
  • 29,3% overflights (that cross the Italian airspace without landing or taking off from Italian airports).
In July 2020 the traffic displays a recovery of around 40% of the traffic volumes of 2019 – which was a record year in Europe and especially in Italy. Traffic volumes in June 2020 were 15% of last years’ volumes.
The ongoing traffic growth trend is also confirmed for August, which showed the first concrete signs already on Saturday August 1, with 3,626 flights, and on Sunday August 2, with 3,508 flights, a recovery of 50% of the traffic managed last year.
The progressive recovery in Italian airspace is in line with the increase recorded since June also in the rest of Europe and, according to Eurocontrol estimates, in August more than 50% of traffic volumes in 2019 should be recovered.