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ENAV customer oriented approach is based on transversal actions to regularly check the perception and understanding of airspace users’ needs.


ENAV constantly monitors any process required to ensure operational services -  ever increasingly effective and efficient.


Through long lasting and transparent relationships with its customers, ENAV promotes a proactive culture of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which allows for picking up requests from airspace users and undertaking timely improvements on them.


CRM scope is to ensure operations-wise:

• customer focused systems and procedures

• continously improving customer satisfaction and care

• review the services we offer to our customers

In parallel, internal customer relationship management is promoted as well to guarantee effective teamworking.


ENAV has mandated CRM to make sure customer requests are regularly addressed, through monitor and rate of result analyses and lessons learned  as well as positive relationships and contacts: by doing so, CRM contributes to enhance communication and trust with ENAV customers.