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D-Flight: a new company for drones air traffic management

Roma, 28 February - Today was signed the capital increase of D-Flight - a company created by ENAV to develop the U-space platform for the provision of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Traffic Management (UTM): so-called "drones".
Alongside ENAV, there is an industrial team led by Leonardo in partnership con Telespazio e IDS-Ingegneria Dei Sistemi.
Following an agreement signed with ENAC, ENAV has undertaken to develop and implement a specific air traffic management system for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and to define the service delivery methods by developing a platform that, by integrating multiple and articulated technologies, guarantees the safe handling of the remotely piloted aircraft.
D-Flight wants to make traditional air traffic coexist with the needs of the new type of traffic, allowing the use of drones for a growing number of services, including public services, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.
The ability to provide U-space services is the prerequisite for ensuring the safety of drone flight out of the line of sight and represents a turning point for the opening of new markets based on their use. The sector is destined to grow exponentially in the coming years, with estimates that include seven million drones for recreational use and another four hundred thousand used for commercial purposes between now and 2050 only in Europe.
By 2019 registration will be extended to all operators, regardless of the recreational or professional use of their drones. Furthermore, an app for mobile devices will be made available, for the launch of the electronic identification service and a flight intent validation service and support to the authorization process, where required based on the rules in force.