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Enav hosts the Aireon Technical Workshop for Europe

Rome, 14 September 2017 – The Aireon Technical Workshop was held today at the Enav Area Control Centre in Rome.
30 international service provider representatives attended the event.
The workshop has been a new occasion to discuss work progress status of Aireon project, the new satellite surveillance platform dedicated to the air traffic management.
Thanks to 66 satellites that will compose the entire constellation – starting from 2018 – Aireon will extend the surveillance around the globe. Today only 30% of the world air space is covered by radar system.
Aireon will increase the safety standards and will optimize the routes. The airlines will save on the cost of fuel.
After the first two launches of the satellites (last one on June 2017), a third launch is scheduled for the first days of October.
In Rome ACC has been set up the Aireon room. Form this room live data of Mediterranean and Middle East areas will be checked for signal validation.  
It was also inaugurated a showroom to present the capabilities to potential clients.
The meeting was a useful opportunity to carry on the dialogue with some international strategic partners on the formalization of a long-acting contract between Aireon and the air navigation service providers.