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Enav environmental initiatives at the IATA’s Wings of Change event

Madrid, 14 November 2018 – Roberta Neri, ENAV’s CEO took part in the “Wings of Change” event organised by IATA, presenting the numerous Company initiatives directed towards environment sustainability. This important event saw the participation of high profile people from the air transport sector including, ministers, heads of the European Commission and of Eurocontrol and also many air transport company CEOs.
During the event, appreciation of ENAVs results were mentioned. These results were due to the deployment of the Free route Airspace and the initiatives contained in the Flight Efficiency Plan which allowed concrete savings in terms of distance travelled, fuel used and the amount of CO2 emissions.
The considerable benefits expected on a global level of the about to be launched Aireon service were presented. This service assures the real time monitoring of aircraft in the entire world plus the higher safety level allowing much more efficient routes and altitudes compared to today’s values.