Right to submit questions before the Meeting

Right to submit questions before the Meeting

Right to submit questions before the Meeting  2021


Pursuant to Article 127- ter of the Consolidated Law, anyone entitled to vote, for whom appropriate notice provided by an intermediary authorised under applicable law is received by the Company, may submit questions on the items on the agenda, and solely those items, only before the Shareholders’ Meeting no later than seven trading days before the date of the Meeting and therefore no later than 19 May 2021 inclusive. In this regard, pursuant to paragraph 1- bis of Article 127- ter of the Consolidated Law, ownership of the right to vote may be confirmed even subsequent to submission of the questions, on condition that this is done by the end of the third day following the record date, in other words by 22 May 2021 .


Questions may be sent to the Company by e-mail to the address domande.assemblea@enav.it  or by post to the following address: ENAV S.p.A. - Corporate Affairs and Governance - Via Salaria 716, 00138 Rome, with Ref. “ Meeting Questions ”. Anyone wishing to exercise their right to submit questions is also invited to clearly indicate the agenda item to which the specific questions refer and to indicate, together with the questions: their name and surname/company name, place and date of birth, tax identification number, or all identification data in the case of an entity or company, e-mail address and phone number.

The questions received by the Company in the manner described above by 19 May 2021 that are deemed relevant to the matters of the agenda – subject to checking satisfaction of all the specified requirements, including verification of the rights of the questioner – will be answered by 26 May 2021 by publication in the present page.

The Company may provide one answer to questions with the same content. No answer is due for questions submitted before the Shareholders’ Meeting when the information requested is already available in the “questions and answers” section of the Company’s website www.enav.it or when the answer has been already published in that section.



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